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4 Roscoff PDO onion braid

The famous Roscoff PDO onion braid! This is the traditional presentation of the Roscoff onion, the one adopted by the johnnies when they went to Britain to sell their produce. Today, Roscoff PDO onion braids are still as practical to transport and store at home.


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Every season is a rendezvous.
The Roscoff onion is also a seasonal product: harvested in August, it keeps until April of the following year. Shipments resume in September, with onions from the new harvest.
In the meantime, take a look at our onion-based by-products.

The onion braid from Maison Quéméner

Roscoff PDO onion braids are handmade in our shed: it's home-made! The braids can be longer or shorter depending on the number of rows of onions. At Maison Quéméner, our braids are approximately 1.2 kg (i.e. about 13 onions).

The braid, which looks like a bunch of onions, ends with a loop so that you can easily hang it up at home! For optimal storage, hang the braid in a cool, dry place.

How do you make a braid of Roscoff PDO onions?

To make a braid, you need some material (raffia and a paper support) and above all a good hand! The paper support serves as a skeleton for the braid, the onions are attached to it one after the other with the raffia.

The braid always starts with a rather large onion, called the penn kapitenn. In Breton, this name usually refers to the captain of the ship. You know, the one who embarks first, takes the helm and disembarks after everyone else... Our onion penn kapitenn has the same role, tied up first and untied last.

Once the penn kapitenn is in place, the first row must be formed, then the second... The raffia is wrapped tightly around the tail of the onion. In addition to being useful for keeping the bulb in place for a long time, the tail serves as a hook for braiding. And because the braiding acts as a ligature on the onions, the bulbs can be stored for several months.

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